We are

We are a couple of life enthusiasts who went on a trip in Europe and Latin America to explore alternative ways of living.

We are currently based in Montreal, where we are studying Environmental Sciences and Local Development.

We are happy to share our journey and our thoughts with you.

We are looking for the rainbow.


Lisa and Juan Carlos : )

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6 responses

19 01 2010
Sergio Torres

C’est tres joli les choses que vous faites et recherchez, il y a beaucoup de lieux hallucinants sur tout le Sud, et la Colombie est un green paradise. La gente es feliz!
Sur bogota aussi il y a un programme gouvernemental avec la collaboration de l’Union Européenne appelé agricultura urbana qui développe l’agriculture de manière durable.
Je vous conseille aussi de visiter la côte pacifique colombienne (bahia malaga, ladrilleros et juan chaco) sur le département del Valle del Cauca. Il y a des très beaux “manglares” et la population de la region est adorable, ce sont des Afrocolombiens, les plus jolies personnes que je connaisse en Colombie, mais tous les Colombiens en général sont très aimables.

Buen Viaje y un Abrazo de un Colombiano

1 04 2010
carlos eduardo

I´m missing your letter about your many experiencies. I´m missing you both, Juan and Lisa.

19 05 2010

I’m curious to know how you are managing to travel to both Europe and Latin America (two different continents) from (I’m not sure where?) without leaving a huge environmental/carbon footprint? How are you traveling to and from these continents? (I haven’t looked through your entire site, so I may have missed that information).

3 07 2010

That´s a great point Stefan, and thank you for reminding us of the importance of our choices regarding transportation.
Until now, we have taken the plane only when no other alternative seemed adecuate to us. For instance, we took a plane to go accross the Atlantic, or to make it from Leticia to Bogota (where it is the only possibility). Else, we always travel the local way, taking public transportation. Our current way of dealing with this issue is to do our best. Usually, when we trully do our best, it works 🙂
This conversation has come up more than once with our family and friends, I hope they read this!

Thanks again and please share any further comments or suggestions!

31 01 2011
Daniel Áñez


no sé si se acuerden de mi. Nos conocimos en la casa de Yovanny hace ya unos buenos meses, y quedamos en que yo les escribía a través de su blog. Pues bueno, heme aquí escribiendo, 4 meses (o más) más tarde. En realidad, me gustó muchísimo lo que muestra el blog. En todo caso, escribo para reportarme, para saludar, y para ver si todavía están interesados en conocer más gente en la búsqueda ecológica.

Un abrazo

1 02 2011

Hola Daniel,

Claro que si nos acordamos. Muchas gracias por haber escrito !
Estamos en contacto 🙂

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