La mitad del mundo

19 02 2010


We are currently in Ecuador, near a small town called Malchingui. It is right next to the equator, meaning we are in the middle of the planet, or la mitad del mundo in Spanish.

We are staying at the Comuna de Rhiannon, located an hour away North of Quito in a volcanic desert. It is a very particular community since there are only two permanent members, Helen and Nicky, and all the others are volunteers that are passing by (currently there is 14 visitors). Volunteers stay between a couple of weeks and a year, making this place a living laboratory of alternative techniques.

Imagine a place where each person is free to create what he or she believes could be useful for the community and gets all the support needed to achieve the project… As a result, for the first time ever, we have witnessed a blender that is activated by a bicycle!

We would like to tell you more, but we´re in an Internet cafe in Malchingui (there is no electricity in Rhiannon) and need to go back to the community to water the plants.

Thanks for all your comments and support. We´ll write to you soon with more on the Rhiannon experience!

Much love,

lisa and juan : )




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