DoGood: Good ads, good mood

17 01 2010

"Everyday I wash my brain with ads" (source: Brigade Anti Pub)

The advertisement industry bombards us everyday with thousands of messages. Ads want us to buy, to try, and sometimes make us cry.

While we cannot say exactly how many ads we see a day, we estimate that for an average American the range is between 400 and 3000 ads (sources: click here). We didn’t find a statistic for the number of ads we see online but it’s clear this reality does not exclude the world-wide web. Think about how may advertisements we see while checking our inbox? Or how common it is to see ads on our favorite websites?

Whether we want it or not, we are permanently adding all kinds of information into our brains. Usually that information is relatively unnecessary for us as individuals. Their goal is to associate a product with an emotion or feeling. For example, cars have been associated with power and freedom the same way shampoo has been associated with happiness. Ads are made to create a need, and feed us the illusion that by purchasing a product we will be happier. According to this, it is hard to imagine they can make us better people. Until now. 

Thanks to a motivated group of individuals trying to do good, we now have an alternative to all those generic messages. They have developed a plug-in application called DoGood that automatically changes the generic ads into positive and inspiring ones. DoGood also contributes financially to charitable organisations giving them 50% of their profits. Sounds good? It’s even better! According to their blog, firefox users can submit their own ‘good ideas’ and the team “will be regularly updating the good ideas being viewed each day”.  

Their slogan “See Good. Do Better” clearly reflects the importance of what we feed our minds with.  

They got it, now it’s your time to get it!


Take it further!

To download the DoGooder browser plug-in click here

To learn about other forms of advertisement activism visit these websites: Ads Monkey or the anti-advertisement agency   

Any ideas or thoughts? Your comments are welcome : ) 





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